Ladybug on Facebook

We now have a Facebook page for Ladybug. Besides two albums, I have locked all the information so it is only the parents and grandparents who have access to our pictures, videos and updates.


The two albums that are open to the public are the following:


Daycare Life. This album was made to show what life is like at Ladybug. Please feel free to read the captions with each picture for more information.


Lunches. Many have asked what we eat for lunch, and as I have never been able to create a weekly/monthly menu I decided to take a picture of every lunch during a longer period of time. This way you can get a better idea of what we eat. Most pictures even have a list of ingredients.

There are many reasons as to why I have no set menu.


Sometimes the children ask for a specific lunch and then it is nice to do it the same day or the next day. The weather is also a large factor in what we eat as I might choose a faster meal if we are having a lot of fun outside.  And then sometimes I base my meals on the children present. If I have a child with an allergy then I may save certain dishes for when that child is not present. This is why it is so difficult to plan every day so far in advanced.

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