Who is Susan? Let me tell you a little about myself.


My name is Susan Sundström. I was born (1975) and raised in Puyallup, Washington, living there until I moved to Linköping in 1997. I studied one year of general subjects at Highline Community College before moving to Sweden. After learning Swedish at Linköping's University, I tried my hand at one year of Occupational Therapy at Linköping's Medical University.


After my daughter was born (Hannah born April 2004), I started to think I just might be able to actualize my dream of having my own home daycare. I knew I wanted to have one more child, so I started doing my homework in preparation for when I would be able to commit to my long lost dream.


Dec 2005 my son Jeremiah was born, putting my earliest possible starting date at Jan 2007. So here I am, starting my very own home daycare in Feb 2007.


As for my free time? Well, not that I have a lot of that anymore, but I also enjoy being creative. I dabble with sewing, painting, baking and have even been known to dress up as a clown to do balloon animals.


I enjoy taking life as it comes, exploring what interests me at the time, which is how I discovered and developed most of my hobbies. I love working with children and am for the most part a calm and easy going person. I have often heard from friends and family that I am a very patient person. I suppose that is true, I had never really reflected over it until recently when it occurred to me that others around me are perhaps more hot tempered than what I am. I just don't see the point in flaring up over everything when life is much more enjoyable being happy.

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