The Ladybug Home Daycare is a bilingual private home daycare.

I want to give children the ability to grow up in a family away from home. With two children of my own, I know it is important for them to have a safe haven where they can grow their self esteem giving them the courage to reach out to new experiences allowing them to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. 

For me, the daycare is not simply a place where your children are kept while you are working, it's a home and a family. It is important to me to know each and every child as my own, and for the children to feel loved and secure in the group.


Every day is planned to a certain degree, yet flexible to the whims of the children. For example, one day while playing outside a girl pretended that the playhouse was a movie theater and was taking tickets to go see the movie. It was nearly time to go in, so I suggested we play "movie theater" at home. After arriving home we made a big deal about making popcorn and then set up chairs and cut up colored paper as tickets. The girl got to collect the tickets and they all sat down with a small bowl of popcorn to watch a movie, which happened to be a collection of Goofy cartoons. While they watched the cartoons I finished making lunch. We don't normally have the TV on but they all understood that it was a movie theater and had a good time.


I try to keep my planning open to the interests of the children. Having children of your own you know that interests can come and go or stay and stay. For this reason I like taking life as it comes. One day one of the children noticed bees and honey on the back of a Winnie the Pooh water bottle. The following week we used Winnie the Pooh as our theme and visited the Bee farm located just up the road from us (a place I had never been before).


Another part of the daycare I really enjoy is letting the children get involved with whatever I am doing. Besides always being allowed in the kitchen while I am making lunch, I also enjoy baking with them. If I am planning on baking a cake for a friend, I get the kids involved. If I need to wash my windows, I let the children help. When we made our hall module for hanging up the coats in, I let the children paint the wood first!


Not all of our activities are related to the daycare but, on the other hand, we are not a traditional daycare. We do run out of milk now and then and so we might drop in at the local Konsum while out playing. Regardless of what we do, I try to make it as child-friendly as possible and preferrably without the pressure of time and other stress factors.



If having a "dagmamma" (day mother) sounds like the best option for you, please feel free to contact me.I may or may not have an opening available, but I can normally say if there is an opening coming soon.

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